Sudden & Urgent Need

Addressing one-time, urgent needs for small nonprofit organizations in Colorado.

Sudden & Urgent Need (SUN) grants address one-time, time-sensitive needs for smaller nonprofit organizations in Colorado with a budget less than or equal to one million dollars.

Grant requests must be aligned with one or more of Next50’s three priority areas: ending ageism, advancing digital equity, and supporting aging in place.

Grant requests are required to demonstrate advancing equity for marginalized or geographically underserved communities to be considered for funding.

WHo Can Apply?

Colorado 501c3 organizations with an organizational budget of $1 million or less that serve older adults. This excludes government entities and universities.

What will Next50 consider funding?

One-time expenses that are unanticipated and time-sensitive. Grant requests must intentionally focus on older adults within our three funding priorities: ending ageism, advancing digital equity, and supporting aging in place.

For purposes of this grant opportunity, one-time is defined as a need that is not anticipated to re-occur. Needs that arise once per year or are to support ongoing programming are not eligible for this funding. Time-sensitive is considered urgent, and the organization is unable to wait for support through other funding opportunities.

  • An organization providing mobile technology training for low-income older adults in a rural area has an unexpected issue that has arisen with their mobile training vehicle and needs a replacement part to be able to continue providing services.
  • A small organization providing a financial boot-straps course for low-income older adults has a water leak in their building and must shut down classes until the leak is fixed.
  • Support for ongoing programs or project-based requests
  • Support for annual, anticipated expenses such as an audit
  • Personnel costs or consultant fees unless directly related to the implementation of a one-time, time-sensitive need that fits within the SUN Grant guidelines
  • Indirect costs
  • General operating support
  • Budgetary shortfalls or debt reduction
  • Membership dues
  • Organization endowments and fundraising ventures
  • Routine convening/event (e.g. quarterly or annual meetings)
  • Routine travel expenses (e.g. regular staff travel)
  • Requests that involve payment or reimbursement of individual medical bills, rent assistance, mortgage assistance, and household utility bills.
  • Lobbying, political campaigns, and projects to support a specific political position
  • Fundraising and general event sponsorships
  • Type III non-functionally integrated supporting organizations (as classified by IRS form 990, Schedule A, Part 1)
  • Government entities
  • Universities
  • LLCs or for-profit organizations
  • Nonprofits with an organizational budget of over $1 million
  • Student or fellow tuition costs
  • Laboratory research*

*Next50 does not support basic science (wet lab) research. Wet-lab research includes projects where drugs, chemicals, and other types of biological matter are analyzed and/or tested.

Does applying for this funding opportunity exclude an organization from applying for other funding opportunities?

Organizations may receive only one SUN Grant per calendar year. Receiving a SUN Grant does not preclude an organization from receiving a grant through another funding opportunity in 2024.

How much can an organization request?

We ask that organizations request only what they need, and the maximum request amount is $30,000.

Are Fiscal Sponsors allowed?

Yes, organizations may apply for a Sudden & Urgent Need Grant through a fiscal sponsor.

What is a Fiscal Sponsor?

A fiscal sponsor is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other grant administrative services. A fiscal sponsor is held legally responsible for the management of grant funds and the obligations of the grant.

The fiscal sponsor must have a formal relationship with the entity carrying out grant activities and be able to exercise control over grant activities. Next50 requires that the fiscal sponsor have a contractual relationship with the grant project partner and must possess a mission that clearly aligns with the activities of the grant.

Interested in Applying?

At Next50, language matters. We are intentional in the words used when talking about aging and efforts to combat age discrimination. As such, Next50 encourages organizations seeking funding to understand and exhibit Age Inclusive Communication throughout the application. Interested in learning more? Increase participation in this movement by visiting Changing the Narrative.

01 – Sudden & Urgent need

The organization must demonstrate that their need is unbudgeted, unforeseen, time-sensitive, and significantly interferes with their ability to serve older adults and/or their caregivers or provides an immediate opportunity to enhance services. The request must be for an expense that is a one-time need and is not a part of the organization’s general operating or ongoing expenses.

02 – alignment with priority areas

Applicants should be able to briefly describe how their work with older adults aligns with one or more of Next50’s priority areas – Ending Ageism, Advancing Digital Equity, and Supporting Aging in Place

03 – Population served

Requesting organizations must demonstrate a current focus on serving marginalized populations aged 50+ and/or their caregivers. Marginalized refers to the systematic social, economic, and political exclusion or disadvantage faced by individuals or groups, particularly those with intersectional identities. Please refer to our list of priority populations.  Applicants who demonstrate a strong understanding of the intersectional identities of the older adults they serve and actively work to dismantle systemic barriers to access will be prioritized.

04 – Impact

The potential to have an immediate impact on the organization’s ability to serve older adults.

05 – The thoroughness of submission

Grant seekers must submit all required documents to be considered for funding. All attached documents must be readable in the submitted format. Applicants must be certain not to submit password-protected documents as these cannot be opened or considered.

  • Agree to Next50’s grant agreement (updated 02.08.2024). Please review this agreement before applying as it addresses Next50’s requirements with respect to reporting, publicity, intellectual property and other performance related obligations. Modifications or adjustments to the grant agreement will not be accepted.
  • Provide a financial expenditure report at the end of the grant, which includes receipts or paid invoices for all grant expenses, and a short narrative impact report within 90 days of the end of the grant.

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SUN Budget Template