Colorado Organizational resiliency

Providing Colorado-based nonprofits serving marginalized older adults with flexible financial support to increase their organizational strength and fulfill their mission.

COR Grant Application CLOSED on 3/6/2024

Colorado Organizational Resiliency (COR) grants are designed to support Colorado-based nonprofits in building resiliency to effectively navigate uncertainties, recover from setbacks, and maintain impact over the long term. Building resilience involves creating a robust infrastructure, fostering a supportive organizational culture, and developing strategies to address financial, operational, and environmental challenges.

Grant requests must be aligned with one or more of Next50’s three priority areas: ending ageism, advancing digital equity, and supporting aging in place.

Grant requests are required to demonstrate innovation and the advancement of equity for marginalized or geographically underserved communities to be considered for funding.

Please view the video below presented by Next50 staff, Roop Wazir and Gina Del Castillo for a detailed overview of the COR grant opportunity. If you have additional questions after viewing the video and reading the guidelines below please email to schedule a 15-minute discovery call with a staff member before February 29, 2024.

WHo Can Apply?

Colorado-based nonprofits serving marginalized older adults organized under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code that are in good standing in Colorado, excluding universities and government entities.

WE will consider funding:

Below we’ve listed some examples of requests that would be eligible for this funding opportunity. *

*Please note that these are examples, we recognize that you understand your organizational needs best, therefore, we welcome other community-centered ideas for other types of support to build organizational resiliency.

  • Infrastructure and Facility Improvements: Funding requests to make necessary upgrades to the physical infrastructure or facilities, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for both staff and the older adults served.
  • Collaborative Initiatives: Funding requests for collaborative projects with other nonprofits or community organizations to share resources, knowledge, and expertise, fostering a supportive network that contributes to overall organizational resilience.
  • Technology Upgrades: Funding requests to invest in updated technology infrastructure, including software and hardware upgrades, to improve operational efficiency and communication within the organization.
  • Strategic Planning Initiatives: Funding requests for activities such as refining the organization’s mission and vision, conducting environmental scans, stakeholder engagement, goal setting, developing financial plans, engaging in community outreach and advocacy, communication, and branding work.
  • Joint Ventures and Mergers: Funding requests for initiatives to increase capacity through collaborative programs to pool resources, expertise, and networks or funding requests to merge nonprofit partners to eliminate duplicated efforts and to streamline administrative functions.
  • Organizational Financial Audit: Funding requests to complete an organizational financial audit to enhance transparency in financial practices, fostering trust among donors, stakeholders, and the community.
  • Staff Development: Funding requests to develop and deliver targeted training programs for staff members, focusing on areas such as cultural competence, trauma-informed care, and the specific needs of marginalized older adults.

What will not be considered?

  • Entities outside of Colorado
  • Universities
  • Government entities 
  • LLCs or for-profit organizations (We do not accept applications from for-profit organizations under a non-profit fiscal sponsor)
  • Requests that duplicate state or federal funding including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Requests for matching state or federal funding.
  • Lobbying, political campaigns, and requests to support a specific political position.
  • Fundraising and general event sponsorships
  • Type III non-functionally integrated supporting organizations (as classified by IRS form 990, Schedule A, Part 1)
  • Laboratory research*

*Next50 does not support basic science (wet lab) research. Wet-lab research includes projects where drugs, chemicals, and other types of biological matter are analyzed and/or tested. Next50 can and will support pilot projects, feasibility studies, and needs assessments that are research-based. These types of research activities are often necessary precursors to establish viability for the implementation of various innovations.

Does applying for this funding opportunity exclude an organization from applying for other funding opportunities?

  • Organizations may apply for multiple funding opportunities but cannot be funded in more than one opportunity with the exception of Sudden & Urgent Need Grants.
  • Organizations may submit only one application for Colorado Organizational Resiliency.

Can I request multi-year funding?

Yes. Organizations may apply for up to two years of COR funding. Requests for multi-year funding must clearly explain how funding requested in the second year will build upon the initiatives of the first year. Limited funds are available for multi-year requests.

How much can an organization request?

We ask that organizations request only what they need. The maximum request amount is $150,000 each year up to two years for a total maximum request amount of $300,000. Grantmaking is competitive and partial funding may be awarded.

Important note: Next50 prohibits the assessment of a Gift Tax or Investment Fee assigned by grantees.

Are fiscal sponsors allowed?

Yes. Next50 will allow organizations to apply through a fiscal sponsor. A fiscal sponsor is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other grant administrative services. A fiscal sponsor is held legally responsible for the management of grant funds and the obligations of the grant.

The fiscal sponsor must have a formal relationship with the entity carrying out grant activities and be able to exercise control over grant activities. Next50 requires that the fiscal sponsor have a contractual relationship with the grant project partner and must possess a mission that clearly aligns with the activities of the grant.

Financial Audit Requirement

Nonprofits that have not yet completed an external audit or those with an audit older than 12/31/2021 will be limited to funding requests of $30,000 or less.

Nonprofits with an annual operating budget of $500,000 or less are eligible to request more than $30,000 but must submit an external Financial Review or Compilation in place of an audit.

equity focus

Applicants seeking COR funding must currently serve historically marginalized or geographically underserved older adults. Learn more about our equity focus and priority populations here.

  • While not required at Stage 1 of your application, those applications asked to move forward to Stage 2 will be required to upload the following documents at that time.
    1. Most recent Financial Audit (for request amounts greater than $30,000)
    2. Current Statement of Activities, year-to-date (Profit and Loss Statement) dated within 90 days
    3. Current Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) dated within 90 days
    4. Prior fiscal year Statement of Activities, full year (Profit and Loss Statement)
    5. Prior fiscal year Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)

Below please find the Microsoft Word version of the Stage One application. While we offer this version for planning purposes, all applications must be submitted through our online grant portal. The online application opened February 14 and closed at 5:00 PM MT March 6, 2024.

At Next50, language matters. We are intentional with the words we use when talking about aging and efforts to combat age discrimination. As such, we encourage organizations seeking funding to understand and use age-inclusive language in grant applications and reports. We’ve created some resources, including a recorded webinar with Janine Vanderburg from Changing the Narrative, to assist you in understanding and successfully reframing aging in your communications. Access Reframing Aging resources here.

We anticipate a large volume of applications. Applications for funding will be evaluated using multiple criteria, including but not limited to:

Requesting organizations must demonstrate a current focus on serving marginalized populations aged 50+ and/or their caregivers. Marginalized refers to the systematic social, economic, and political exclusion or disadvantage faced by individuals or groups, particularly those with intersectional identities. Please refer to our list of priority populations.  Applicants who demonstrate a strong understanding of the intersectional identities of the older adults they serve and actively work to dismantle systemic barriers to access will be prioritized.

02 – commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Applicants must clearly demonstrate the organization’s commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, including staff and leadership diversity as well as thoughtful and intentional efforts to understand and promote equitable and inclusive values as an organization.

03 – impact on organizational resiliency

Applicants must clearly describe how the requested funds will be used to sustainably support organizational resiliency.

04 – alignment with priority areas

Applicants should be able to briefly describe how their work with older adults aligns with one or more of Next50’s priority areas – ending ageism, advancing digital equity, and supporting aging in place.

05 – innovation

Applicants should articulate how their request is innovative by either 1) highlighting the novelty of the requested idea or 2) by showcasing how the request goes beyond existing solutions to increase organizational effectiveness, equity, efficiency, or sustainability.

06 – need for funds

Applicants must clearly describe their organization’s financial need for requested funds. Because we expect to receive more applications than we will be able to fund, we will consider both an organization’s need for funding and its financial sustainability. If you have significant cash reserves or a budget surplus, please explain why the requested funds are needed. Similarly, if you have low cash reserves or a budget deficit, please share how the requested funds will help improve financial sustainability and/or how you plan to improve your financial position.

07 – thoroughness and timeliness of submission

Grant seekers must submit all grant materials on time to be considered for funding. All attached documents must be readable in the submitted format. Applicants must not submit password-protected documents as these cannot be opened or considered.

If selected for funding, the grantee will be expected to agree to Next50’s grant agreement (updated 2.8.2024). Please review this agreement before applying as it addresses Next50’s requirements with respect to reporting, publicity, intellectual property and other performance related obligations. Modifications or adjustments to the grant agreement will not be accepted.

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